an afternoon pipe with a Diet Coke

Gotta love the vending machine guy at this apartment complex, or the guy who owns and operates the vending machines on this property – zero fxxxs given by this guy. I just saw Diet Pepsi listed on the soda machine, and I knew that before I saw regular Pepsi, and it vended Diet Coke instead. That's like taking the wrong turn and ending up at Satanic blood-letting when you were on your way to the Vatican: everyone loses.

So, this time, I figured he learned his lesson and actually put Diet PEPSI in the machine (seeing as he went through the trouble of changing the label) – nope. It was Diet Coke. Balls of steel.

So now, I am having a pipe of Virginia tobacco and a can of Corrosive Coca Cola, and making the best of it, lol!

Also, I received my gas bill for the month of September (which I thought I had already got, but they sent it late(?)), and since the gas bill is ridiculously low in August/September (because not using heat), the dollar amount is half of what I thought it would be, so that frees up a litttle bit of money in the (very tight) October budget. I will put the monies towards holiday blend pipe tobaccos, because there are a couple things I need to stock up on as soon as I can. Namely, I need the Paladin Black Cherry (aromatic) pipe tobacco and also Presbyterian Mixture, because those sell out fairly quick at this time of year (Fall/Winter). Also, a small canister of pipe sweetener so I can treat the stem of the (custom) Rossi pipe. Other than that, the usual stuff.

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