angry post: deleted

I wrote an ugly post (not “bad”, just a post where I was frustrated and venting about some things) here a bit ago, and deleted it just now. The existential “10 PM Coffee. Hoorah!” post is still live, if you want to read it, feel disappointed :/

Anyway, I came across (for the third time) via RSS feed the “#degoogle” thing Kev of Fosstodon is/was doing, and I don't use Fosstodon (but still like the idea of it, as well as (in fact I contribute $5 per mo to mstdn via Patreon because Stux is awesome)), but, I think some of the stuff that originates from there (Fosstodon) is pretty cool (ex: #100DaysToOffload). So, I thought about the DeGoogle project, and how I was “deGoogled” (more or less) at one point in time, but went back to using Chrome, Android, and Chrome OS. I sometimes want to DeGoogle again, but damn what an inconvenience! LOL! I mean, there ARE alternatives (they are usually half-baked, and still incl Google's far-reaching, monopolistic hand in their development, but...), so, I should give it/them (the apps) a go.

Will I? I have no clue.

... now I'm at >>> 👋