another coffee for mid-morning

As I await a callback, I consider web dev stuff, but like yesterday morning I am hesitant to jump into anything in-depth because I could become distracted by callbacks or/and Google Duo calls (either one I would welcome, actually), but losing focus on something I am working on is always off-putting.

But, as far as dev progress is concerned, I made some last night. I finished the embed (which incidentally is not iframe, but rather a <script>, which was liberally inspired by the same code used for a Gumroad embed). I got the thing working, but in order to make the link within the embed be dynamic is another Pandora's Box altogether. There are entire websites/web services that offer that one thing (and charge money for it! LOL!) in order to easily design an embed for XYZ product, link, or whatever it is someone wants to “share”.

But anyway, I am not making that type of service. The embed feature is intended for, and will only be used for, the Thanx project. And I will do so without any type of formal generator. I don't use third-party applications nor services with the stuff that I am building, because I want everything to be “self-contained” or independent of any other co out there. Plus the whole point of me doing web dev in the first place is so I can learn stuff. Not even about making money, really (though money is a nice thing to have).

On with the morning!