another late night, another coffee ☕

I am more or less trying to rid myself of a headache that I got from smoking cigarettes. I bought a pack earlier out of sheer convenience, and now I am paying the price because cigarettes always give me a headache now :/

But, I made coffee ☕ and usually the steam from said coffee will help with the sinuses, etc. I suppose that makes it a sinus headache, but, whatever.

No Tylenol, though – as it is bad for the liver. In fact, there is almost nothing GOOD about Tylenol other than it's immediate pain relief. Medications are just bad. That's all.

I need some of them, though. Incl stomach meds and a mood stabilizer. Doesn't mean I like them, just means I for the most part NEED them.

I hope everyone out there is doing well.

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