Apple Shnapple

Today there was an Apple event where they announced a bunch of stuff, stuff I won't buy, but can't afford anyway, but wouldn't buy it if I could afford it. And the only thing that really stands out to me that I like is the iPad Mini. But as I said in last night's blog post, that if anything were to happen to my current MacBook, it would be a terrible chore to fix it. Plus, I never buy Apple Care, anyway, so...

So, yea, I'm glad I'm off of the news, and off social media, and do not have to hear about these wOnDeRfUl and aMaZiNg products for the next couple of weeks.

The only thing that is amazing, really, is the amnesia everyone succumbs to when a new, shiny, slightly upgraded iPhone or Apple Watch, or whatever comes to market – forgetting their (Apple's) terrible business practices, their lock-in, their undermining of developers, their security bugs (like what spurred the update last night), etc.

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