As Minimalist As It Gets

Pixel 3a, Logi keyboard, my fingers for typing. That's as bare bones minimalist as my “tech set-up” gets. If Iam notdoing this I am holding the damn phone in my hands and using my tech that way. But this offers a clean environment. The desk has no other occupants other than my e-cig (and case that I removed from the phone so it fits in the (too slim) Logi keyboard stand), so, it works. Very happy with this Logi purchase. And phone purchase.

So what else? What comes next?

Well, I am going to be donating to somereal causes here soon (Planned Parenthood, a stray rescue place in Portland (the latter doubling as a wedding gift to my cousin that asked for donations there in lieu of presents), and some other places as well). I am also buying a bit of workout/everyday clothes, and perhaps some silver. Blah blah, tobacco, blah blah, the usual stuff. And forthat matter, I do not know why my mind is on money at this hour (4:48 AM)? Probably because i did my budget before (kinda) sleeping last night and it was on my mind, but also because I don't have a lotof use for disposableincome these days. Glad itis there, yeah, but as I have been saying: once you get your life down to the essentials, you can start doing other things. Some travel. Some invest (as I sorta do with silver). Some do other stuff with their money, but I tend to donate my money to causes I believe in. I am going to sign up for automatic deductions for the places I mentioned, as I already have automatic deductions taken out monthly for some smaller services every month (an indie bookseller who writes great informative newsletters,, the Mastodon instance I belong to, etc.) I also keep an eye out on Mastodon (and Instagram) for GoFundMe's for LGBTQ+ issues such as legal defense funds for this or a top surgery fund, things like that. I feel like I am humblebragging or some shit now so I am going to stop talking about donations.

Back to #minimalism – your priorities, whatever they may be, can move higher in your list of priorities or they can be made more achievable once you reach a “comfortable” level of minimalism. For me, it was a sortof “no stone unturned” dogmatic/spartan minimalism. Certainly never worried about “excess” stuff lying around as it is gona the second it isn't fulfilling a daily or weekly purpose.

This feels good

Be back in a bit!