As my blogtar gently weeps..

I could try an Inquiry-ism for a blog post title (modified song lyrics for the blog post title, as seen above), and seeing those in the R.w.a feed are always quite nice/refreshing (just read through his archives!) because it means some wittiness is about to drop on the R.w.a landscape.

But, I will try to derive a/the title of a blog post from the first few sentences within the text body as Inquiry suggested here). I could also try to hammer out the entirety of the text, and then choose a title, which is certainly more appropriate and then people will “know what they're in for”, but then this overloaded digital document would not have 300 post titles called “coffeetime, again, again”, LMAO!

Either way, words get written, time ticks by, and I try to bend it to my will for the purposes of typographical correspondence :)