Autumn 2015 – Autumn 2016: A Financial Nightmare

I remember moving to Pevely Pointe Apartments (for a second time) in Autumn of 2015. I had just spent a year living in midtown St Louis, and I was burnt out on living in the city, not to mention my meds were out of whack, my mind felt like it was melting, and my Father had been diagnosed with kidney disease. I needed familiarity.

So, I moved (back) to Pevely, Missouri in October 2015. It was a mistake. I should have moved straight here, to South St Louis County, in 2015, instead. But I waited until Autumn 2016 to do that.

So what happened?

Long story short, a boatload of (old) debt came my way, and I had deferred a couple (relatively small) student loans up to their maximum deferment period, and of course the interest had grown, not to mention I had a little too much fun with a credit card when I was living in St Louis City, and also, I took out a $1,200+ “payday loan”, for this reason or that (I had some bunk justification for it at the time, I am sure) just before moving back to Pevely.

So, I had to pay up (if I wanted any semblance of life again). That meant:

So, no online services, no shopping, no new clothes/shoes/etc., no online music purchases or even a Spotify streaming service (because that costs $10 per mo, so I just listened to the “free” tier (which is dog sxxx when it comes to Spotify)). Long story short: everything sucked.

Moral of the story: don't tango with debt. It destroys quality of life and causes stress. Avoid that sxxx like the plague.

But Now, things are OK. I can handle all of my bills, budget profusely every month (every week, actually), and maybe that is why I mention the budget so frequently on this blog? And maybe that is why I am even more dedicated to minimalism? Less purchases and (self-imposed) conditioning to NOT purchase things makes life different, and better I would say.

And also all of that (because I view it at part of my past), taught me to be more of a utilitarian person. Life isn't about thrills, and excessive spending, and “oh! Look at this shiny thing!”, or anything even remotely compulsory. Just get by with what you got and make due with what you have. It's easier that way :)