awkward hello

I stepped out of my apartment, bundled up complete with sock hat, expecting it to be near 30F out there – as soon as I got outside, I realized it was about 50F and humid. I greeted my neighbor with a “hello”, and her only comment was “it's warm out here today”. “Yea, I was expecting it to be much colder”, I said as I made my way down the stairs. I fetched a Dr Pepper from the vending machine, made my way back to my apartment, and launched the blog editor. I felt dumb.

But, I have a Dr Pepper now, and life seems a little better. Another thing: I am swearing off BP gas station. Every drink I have had in recent memory came from that gas station, and I am not going to go there anymore. For smokes, or anything. I will go to Schnucks for soda/food. And keep my tobacco orders to just that: orders. Online. I am really stocking up on tobacco soon, haha.

It's 5:12 AM, I will make my way to Schnucks at around 9 AM. Will get the aforementioned soda/food. Stuff to make vegan noodles with.

Be back in a bit!

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