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The Republic of Gamers mouse mat (or pad, whatever) is sitting here in front of me, or, under the keyboard, I should say, and it is a delightful piece of desk kit, I gotta say. I also wiped the thing down with a wet cloth, so it is jet black now, looks good. There's is nothing too interesting about this bit of information, other than it was nice to visit “laptop land” for a little while, and just use it instead of the desktop enviro, but back to real life. LOL!

Also, it is almost 4:00 AM, and I have not slept. I managed to get in a resistance band workout, but not sleep. And, I weighed myself in at 213 :) Not bad! Considering I have barely worked out (cardio wise) in a couple months (at least), I am good with the fact that I am maintaining, and even losing, weight a bit.

And, also, too, I am eight(8) days away from celebrating seven(7) years vegetarian! :) Very cool! Love the diet, love the “light” feeling, and most importantly, I love NOT feeling like garbage all the time from eating animals (both physically and consciencly). I am not saying people should have a guilty conscience about eating animals (unless they have seen Earthlings – eat animals after seeing that, and I'd say that was a pretty fxxxed up person), but I am saying that I had a guilty conscience when I used to eat animal products (always did, ever since I was ~6 years old). But yea, eating a damn animal – wtf?

So, upward and onward to 190 pounds (which I am planning on reaching within a year), and all things good health!

Back later!

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