back to Pennsylvania, it goes

The order from P&C made its way back to PA. Why? I don't know. Likely weather-related. But hopefully it ships out tomorrow. Or this evening. To say the North American weather system hasn't been an inconvenience over the past week would be a lie. It's a pain, but people in the state of Texas are having it a lot worse than people in Missouri, I suppose. Power outages with temps this low can be fatal, and I feel terrible for them.

The package: I don't know when it is showing up. As well as about 90 other things that are reliant on carrier of some kind – all the more important for me to remember to shop local whenever I possibly can.

I feel more chill this evening than the last. In part due to the fact that I changed around the seating in the kitchen/living room at the island/desk, and now I have soft(er) lights from the kitchen, lighting the rest of the apartment, and the “big” overhead light is turned off. Gives this place a sort of dimmer, candlelit feel to it. Not too bad.

Laundry is likely to happen tomorrow. Light snow, but that isn't a big deal when I am just walking across the courtyard to the laundromat. As for this evening, the kitchen got deep-cleaned, looks nice :)

Be back later

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