Blazing my own trail

In terms of what I am doing/building on/for the WWW, I don't think I will be participating in any type of “maker” community while the apps get built. I see (great) services like,, WomenMake (for women), and others – but, participating in a group would more or less just “take away” from the “valid validation” from the product that I am making. Validation is either customers, users, readers, viewers, or contributors (depending on what it is that you, or I, am doing). If I make a thing, I want it to be used for what it is designed to do – not shopped around to folks who barely touch it and offer a textbook of criticism to my inbox about how it is sub-par, or whatever. Important thing to know up front, I think. What I am making is not EVERYONE's cup of tea, and it isn't meant to be. Organic use of “the thing”, is what I have always wanted, and nothing else.

That's all. Thanks for reading.

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