Brave Browser – the “for-profit college” of privacy browsers

I have seen many people over the years proudly tout that they use the Brave Browser for privacy, and that it is a privacy-respecting browser, that is an “indie company”, and nothing gets logged, and it is virtual freedom and on and on and so forth. Yet, every single person I have come across in the InfoSec world (on Twitter before leaving Twitter, and on a handful of blogs I read to this day) say that Brave is probably the least privacy-respecting browser on the Internet. There are a whole host of blog posts/news articles/and detailed explanations as to how/why Brave is not safe, but I will let the reader search out those on their own, as I am not a security expert and do not know the bits and pieces of what makes it unsafe.

But it always struck me as a “for-profit college” of Web browsers – it says it does this, but instead does that. It promises this, but delivers that. A for-profit college will TELL you all down the line how they are accredited, and flexible, and 80%+ (or whatever arbitrary number) of graduates go on to “big”, fulfilling careers, but in the end they are NOT accredited, and they only want your money, and are essentially diploma mills. The only thing “Brave” about the Brave Browser (or for-profit colleges) is how Brave they are to flat-out lie to your face about what it is they do/believe in.

Yet, sMaRt TeChNoLoGiStS will use Brave for some sort of half-assed (self) justification because it does...whatever it is they need it to do.

Damn, just use Firefox. Or whatever, just not Brave! LOL!

But, to each their own

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