Brief bit on privacy

First off, my apologies for the negative-sounding blog post I just had up. Like I said before, I will say again, it is not my business how/why people spend time on social media – it's their business and we're free adults, so people can do as they choose.

What I DO want to say, is that the Big Tech™ hearing the other day has shed light on the “Big Four” in a way that I think some, or even most, Americans were oblivious to previously. At least that is my take away. I feel as if the privacy-conscious community on the WWW have taken many, Many steps forward in recent years. Thousands of steps forward in terms of awareness, software, hardware, apps, services, you name it. And I feel that with the Big Tech hearing (and the gradual fallout from it) – the Big Four (and other tech giants) are more or less being “reigned in” or taking multiple steps back in terms of their dominance in the tech sector.

This is a good thing. Even if you – or I – do not make, build, contribute to, or create software / hardware / apps / services / etc. in the information security realm; we are at least bringing about awareness by talking about it. I speak of the dangers of large tech co's in regular conversation with people IRL all the time, to at least try to “plant a seed” in their head about what it is they are actually doing by using these services. Is it effective? Maybe. Maybe not. All I can do is try.

Which is all humans are really doing in the first place, anyway – doing the best that they can do with the best of what they've got. This may be a “moot” point in this post, but worth mentioning because just because you, or I, are doing anything/everything in our power to separate our online presence from the MegaCorps of Silicon Valley – not everyone is in the same boat, or can be in the same boat. Some people rely on XYZ service/co in order to simply have services on the Internet. And that is where the monopolistic behavior comes in, and that is what is being disrupted BY Congress in a rare act of genuinely acting on behalf of the people, and less for themselves (there's me being cynical, lol!).

So, I am glad, overall, with the direction things are going. That Silicon Valley Megacorps are losing power instead of obtaining more of it. That the Big Four (and others) are losing ground in their hierarchical struggle for complete and total dominance in tech. That the little guys are (slowly (but surely)) winning. And I am glad that progress is being made :)

Thanx for reading

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