chores galore

Cleaning up the kitchen, starting dishes (again), cleaned up threw away some random bits and bobs that had been collecting dust (not “things”, per se – just items I no longer used), started coffee, etc. Also, slammed ½ Liter of water, had a raw fruit supper, did a lite “core” exercise (basically just the “downward dog” position in yoga for a minute+), as I did my resistance bands exercises last night. Beautiful #stlwx tomorrow, so I hope I can get in a hike in the AM. Getting to nearly 60 F outside! Wow! So, chances are it will be shorts weather for the hike.

Definitely had a day where I felt like I was “camping” in my apartment, because I had the sliding glass door and window open the majority of the day, letting in tons of fresh air, and come to think of it, I need to open them again. Haha. In essence, I want my apartment to always feel like a “camping spot”, just a place where I reside (for now), and be out of the elements, while still being a part of the elements. And yes, tonight I will definitely be going out on the balcony for a pipe and some calm ponderance (word?).

So, life is OK right now. More later.

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