Clark....SLOW DOWN!

I'm slowing my intake of tags on RSS now. Recently I followed #retrocomputing and #zine from Mastodon, and the feeds for such went to 1Feed, and I want to stop looking at that ish all the time. LOL!

“zine” was updated rarely. Screenshotsunday even less so. “retrocomputing” all day, everyday, multiple times an hour, and I didn't want to just have some segment of my RSS for continual “setups” and code examples and old hardware that I felt (somewhat) obligated to view/read. It felt Tumblr-esque to me – just a continual waste of time, haha.

I am still 110% in love with retro computing, by the way. I just don't need a 100+ per day feed of stuff other people are doing. I see new videos (usually once per week) from a half dozen YouTubers on the subject – that's plenty.

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