cleaning house, keeping it clean

I have my coffee, my laptop, my phone, and my pipe sitting on the desk – all the items one person could ever need! Before this, I wiped down the desk, as well as the kitchen counter, and kitchen sink. Dishes are in the dishwasher, and trash has been taken out. The floors could use a deep-cleaning, but I do not have Swiffer pads at the moment. The floor will get swept at some point tonight, but Swiffer pads are a necessity that must be purchased soon.

Kinda bummed that the budget doesn't allot new garb for the bathroom (shower curtain + liner + non-slip pad), but I may be able to finagle that into the budget if I do some creative accounting, haha. Nothing “essential” would be cut from the budget, but I am good at managing money, usually.

The evening is nice, with a low of 59F outside (though right now it is 72), and I am taking is slow.

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