Cloudron ups and downs

So I tried to set up FreshRSS with Cloudron on my Linode VPS. But I am throwing in the towel with that one. I went into the instructions to install Cloudron and it's shortfalls here, but even after going back and starting a new server, with a fresh install of Ubuntu, it still didn't take. This time, I knew exactly what I did wrong – I simply forgot to install PHP, which is a prerequisite of the FreshRSS software. So, it is FreshRSS that didn't take (initially), and then when backtracking/reverse-engineering and trying to install PHP after installing FreshRSS (which of course would not work), I lost access to the Cloudron Dashboard altogether via Web. It hands me an Apache splash page, and that is it. Be it or or – all Apache pages other than which gives me a network error due to the proxy I am using, but that URL still works on my phone (which is not using a proxy).

Whatever, I'm not doing it all over. I'll use a different RSS service

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