coffee can: needed

I need a coffee can, or some sort of β€œtin” with a lid, so I can put it out on my balcony so I have a place to flick my ashes, stamp out my cigarette butts when I am out there (gross, I know). It's gotta have a lid, as to not blow ash all over the place, and I have to put a rock in it, so the wind does not send it over the edge of the balcony. Soon, when the BIG tobacco purchase is made, and I go pipe-only, I will not have to worry about this stuff, but I have two weeks before that happens, so I need a quick solution in the meantime.

Just had some lukewarm coffee out on the balcony (needed to let the water heat longer), was warming up because of the sweater (not nearly that cold outside), and came in because it's still sunny (not time for sunset, yet). So I will venture out a bit later this evening. I didn't look at the clock and I thought sunset was upon us, but it is only 5:00, lol! Stomach is churning from an odd combo of foods, but I think I will be alright.

more later

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