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I'm lacking words this evening, after a night of cleaning up the apartment and other BS I had to do. I'm not sure I have to have an angle when I set out to write a blog post, just important that it gets written (or so people have said (about writing, not about blogging in particular)). So, this is one of those Intentional Writing posts, that goes nowhere, and starts in oblivion.

I remember when I started blogging years ago, and I am still not 100% sure why. As in, in 2002, before the 2006 blogging (when I tried to do it the “right way”). In 2002 I started off with simply making a website (I didn't know what “” was or anything like that – in fact, I had never even heard the term “blogging”). I just made a thing on AOL Member Spaces and off I went – publishing things directly within the code of the template – no text editor of any kind. I was very noobish. But, why I started doing so is beyond me.

I knew a bunch of people from the Newgrounds(.com) forums, and I would often create AIM (AOL Instant Messenger, for those who may not remember) chatrooms and personally invite like 20 people at a time. It could have been anybody from the service – big creators, small creators, website administrators – anyone could just show up. But despite any type of “status” (and status tends to be (or was) a big thing on (in those days)), people would just socialize and mingle (digitally) and that was what the Internet was at that time. Now people online develop anxiety disorders from not getting a simple acknowledgement (or “Like”) on their hard work/photograph/update/or whatever. I am sure chatrooms still exist – but, that is not “what the Internet is”. The Internet is something radically (in a literal sense of the word) different place now than it was then.

But anyway, I knew I wanted to get my writing in front of people – so I started to post links to these primitively written “nightly recaps” within the AIM chat, and then sometimes discuss them with other folks. Kind of like a big “here's what happened in one big body of text when I was away from the WWW” sort of thing. Some people enjoyed it, some didn't, most could care less.

And this is how it was for me in those days. Previously, I was just in AOL chatrooms (the index of them) bouncing around from chat to chat, seeing what was happening where. Sometimes I'd run into familiar screen names, sometimes not. But I always had folks to talk with/to while I did so.

But, I am not nostalgic, or yearning for digital days gone past, as I much prefer writing away on W.a daily, seeing what others write, and keeping up with a few people (usually through e-mail).

But...yea. Blogging – it's neat!