coffee to see the night through

Went ahead and made coffee after a dinner consisting of mostly fruit. I don't why I said “mostly”, as it was two oranges and a banana – just fruit. I also have to make a consorted effort to be “in shape” for a doctor appointment on July 30, not that I “lose points” if I am not in tip-top physical shape, but I want to get a good report, and just be healthy in general, and I want the bloodwork to reflect that, so I am aiming to be more healthy (both Now, and long term). I think I will do alright.

7:00 PM on the dot, coffee is delish, and I am thinking of what to do next in terms of dev stuff. I know I need to make a functional mail form (form is complete, just need to make the thing work correctly with PHP), so, I guess I am not trying to “think of what to do next”, but more awaiting the motivation to DO it! LOL!

So, I'll likely tool around with this tonight.

More later