Coheed and Cambria

“The Suffering” is a fabulous song. And it sounds great on the Home Audio Rig™. Playing now.

I just watched Nothing Leaves The Archives on YT about three DJ's exploring a British radio DJ's (John Peele) MASSIVE record collecky. And yes, I still call it a “collecky” like a Bondi Hipster because I love that word, haha.

It's 9:40 PM, most of my life is packed into tote bags and boxes, but I don't feel like “my life” is packed into tote bags and boxes. I feel like a bunch of random stuff I kinda want/kinda need is packed away because I am relocating to a block away from where I live currently. No big deal, as far as I'm concerned. But very cool, nonetheless. And I didn't end up “downsizing” much in this process. The extra tin foil, plastic wrap, mason jars, etc. were all thrown away, but the vast majority of this stuff I am keeping. Not bringing in NEW stuff, but not ridding myself of much, either.

Saturday, I pitch the Cruiser bike in the dumpster, as well as the decrepit plastic chair on the balcony. Leaving me with nothing to out on the NEW balcony. I may ask for the wood bench from Sportsman's Guide ($99) as a housewarming gift. Would be good. I need a place to sit for late night smokes on the balcony, after all.

I wish I could pitch the chaise chair in the dumpster, too, or just rid myself of it in any way, but I am stuck with it for the foreseeable future, unfortunately.

Ok, more later

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