cosmetic equipment + more research

So, I continue to watch videos/read reviews of headphone amplifiers on the Internet. Why? Perhaps a strange fetish with the idea of hearing something that I may not hear otherwise with simple EarPods and a MacBook. Or, in my case, Audio-Technica headphones and a MacBook. I reiterate that I DO NOT want to dive deep into (or even wade in the waters of) audiophile music components. It's an endless (consumeristic) upgrade cycle, that would never end, and I would not be happy with the hobby in the long/short term. A good streaming service? Yea, OK. Adequate “entry-level” (or in my case, “permanent-level”) over-the-ear headphones? That's cool, too. But, I am more than a little weary of spending anything more than $150 (IF any money at all) on a headphone amplifier, after having bought the Monoprice IIIP with its (essentially cosmetic (malfunctioning)) VU meter and two blown-out tubes in the center (there are four total). It was a poorly researched purchase, so I suppose what I am doing Now, is to do MORE research so should I decide to get a replacement amplifier (though, of course not by Monoprice), I will not be disappointed.

So, this is where I am at right now. More later.

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