COVID testing? That'll be $99 please!

Just got back from Total Access Urgent Care, and standing outside in the cold in the misting rain for 1.5 hours, and when I got inside, they said my COVID-19 test would cost me $99. Up front. They couldn't bill me. LMAO WTF? So, I left without getting the test, and am just going to go ahead and act like I DO have COVID, as I've had a cough for a while, and it has been decided that the entire family is more or less going to quarantine through Thanksgiving, and Xmas too, probably.

It's whatever

I got hella groceries while I was out, too. And cigarettes. And I am basically just IN for a while. 40 days, more than likely. Which means I will be out and about again come Dec 31, lol, damn!

OK, be back soon

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