The other night I deleted the account. Not just the blog, itself, but my entire account. Didn't ask for any type of refund (even partial) because the guy who runs/owns Blot was real nice and imported my blog posts files I brought from here, and I was able to import them over there. But, at the end of the day, I prefer W.a more. More community here, I would say. I like other services, too (Ghost looks cool, and if I felt like fussing with it, GitHub pages) – but, W.a scratches the itch for me. Definitely not, or Tumblr, or Mastodon, or anywhere where you have to “Like Stare” at a friggin notification tray to see if what was said (written) gets any reaction from “followers”. That's another thing I dislike about (most) services out there – all the social elements. Likes, follows, algorithms, retweets, boosts, shares, [@]replies, etc. Now, if I were trying to meet people, socialize, and be some sort of digital Belle of the Ball, then it would make sense to use these platforms, but I just want to hammer out some text and say whatever I want most of the time, and not concern myself with this immediate (good or bad) consequence for having done so. I think W.a is the premium service to host an online journal (or Write Freely, either one). But, that's just me.