donations tomorrow afternoon

Tomorrow, sometime in the mid-afternoon, me and the moms are planning a large donation to Pevely Pantry in Pevely, Missouri. I have some items and food, and she has a lot of food + some household items to donate, as well. Afterwards (since I will already be in the car – AKA have a ride), I will stop at Schnucks and pick up some heavy grocery items that I wouldn't otherwise be able to carry home on foot.

And as for tonight, it will thunderstorm all night, it seems. Cloudy as could be out there right now and the weather app says scattered thunderstorms from 8:00 PM – 5:00 AM. The rain is much needed, too.

But right Now, it is time for coffee.

My neck is significantly sore at the moment, and that sucks. I flipped the mattress (again) to try to squeeze a couple more weeks out of it, but I think I am going to have to replace it come October, 1. An unexpected expense, but good sleep is priceless.

For some time now (IDK when or where I saw it) I have wanted a Casper Element mattress (~$400), but they are out-of-stock on their website, so I will try to look elsewhere. I think it could have some legit longevity to it, unlike the Lucid mattresses I have been buying for the past several years (which turn to junk after one year). So, the hunt for the right mattress continues.

Back later