“Enough” sleep

3 hrs 45 mins – that's a fair amount for me this evening, I think. Which is good because I am 100% awake right now. I will sleep again sometime today, but for now, I'm good.

I sent out some e-mails to some different people just before going to bed at midnight, and was sort of expecting to hear back by the time I awoke, but got no e-mails as I slept. Namely, I sent an e-mail to the main contact address for Pixelfed.org to see how I can donate to their service or become a Patreon of it. No clue if they even have a Patreon, but I would like to be a monthly supporter if I could. I basically use Patreon as a public photo backup, for “keepers”. I am also going to make a one time donation to Fosstodon. Even though I do not use their service, I think that they are supporting good things on the Internet, overall – and this is more or less a “support to support” donation, and not necessarily for the purposes of them keeping their server running. Fosstodon is good for many people, but I think the entire Mastodon service, overall, is just as addictive and toxic as Twitter, and I personally will be avoiding it at all costs.

Let's talk about Revolut

Revolut, the multi-currency debit card/banking service. I signed up for it the other day. Well, technically I signed up for it WAY back when I had an OLD e-mail address (2+ years ago), but the phone # didn't change, so I logged in, verified everything, updated my e-mail, took care of everything else, and now it is a more or less my personal load/reload card (or will be). I am going to go ahead and order a basic card (not a metal one) in December, and see if I can get use out of it. Handles cryptocurrencies to an extent, too, if I am not mistaken. I am not “into” cryptocurrencies, but if I ever came across some, now I have a way to convert it into actual (fiat) currency. Looking forward to exploring all of this :)

Anyway, with the budget done, I do not think monies are going to be an issue in December. Especially since I informed my family that I have to be set in terms of a quarantine, and cannot spring for Xmas gifts until January, which of course they understood. I, of course, will still get the one, “big” gift for my niece's baby that is due in January, as I want that to be bought and taken care of + I just want to know what the shopping experience is like at Faribault Woollen Mill Company. I've been wanting my own wool blanket from them for a while, and this baby blanket will be my first shopping experience there.

Anyhow, that's about all for now. Be back soon.

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