everything is unnecessary

I don't mean this in a downer/“life is useless” sort of way, but I sat here for a good 10 minutes thinking of what it is that I wanted to write, and it all (mentally) sounded like scrambled garbage of the same ish this person or that person has said time and time again on the Internet (and elsewhere) at one point or another. No one can be 100% original, but I can at least not spew repetitive junk all over again all the time.

When I was younger, and a new song would come on the radio, people would naturally say: “did you hear the new song “_” by “_“?” and I would think to myself: “Why is music still being made? Wasn't there “new music” a few weeks ago? And several weeks before that? Why does music KEEP coming out and why should I be inclined to listen to it?” It was probably an odd perspective, and nobody knew what I was talking about when I would say such things aloud (and I was 8 and 9 years old when I would say such things, not like I was four or anything). But maybe it was a sort of subconscious indictment of the “state of things” being put forward in the form of pop music propagation – when really I was saying: “why do we KEEP doing this same old stuff, over and over again?” If people think music, or movies, or books, or blogs, or art, or any form of media has become “too plastic”, or “too pop culture”, or “too mainstream” – it is probably because it IS that way, and no one puts a priority on originality.

So why partake? Why listen to “pop music”? Or use the “same websites everyone uses”? Or read the same NYT Bestselling books (which is more or less just a marketing belt notch) that everyone reads? Or binge-watch the same shows on Netflix? Or ANY of it?

Like Alan Watts said of the consciousness community (which of course he was a figure in): “Why meditate? Why do yoga? Why eat clean, or exercise, or be kind, or do ANY of this stuff?!” And he more or less settled for the answer that because we can, and because it's there. That's why.

It'd be a much broader picture to paint, but perhaps the subject matters which humans discuss are finite, like language, itself? So many letters, so many words, so many ways of manipulating said words to get a certain result – but the language is limiting, even if bilingual, it'd just be saying the same thing as a different word in a different language.

So, originality is important, to me. I've always loved research and have always been fascinated with PhD studies (even though I am nowhere near PhD (or even college) material and have no desire to pursue a PhD) – mostly because PhD grads stand on the shoulders of giants and take the next step. Discover or highlight original knowledge. Push the ball forward, even if just by a little bit. Some of the most important stuff a human can be doing with their time, I think.

Hopefully this body of text wasn't something you read last week, or the week before that, or the week before that – or seemed like the “same old, same old” in one way or another. Hopefully this was a quasi-original form of writing.

I wish you all the best

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