Excess, being cut

I just arranged mason jars in a box and thought “why do I have so many mason jars? (5)”. I also have three containers of plastic wrap (that NEVER get used!). I can get by with ONE mason jar, and the one piece of glass tupperware for leftovers, etc. No need for this extra stuff. I am also donating one of my Winter sweaters to Pevely Food Bank, as well as a big, soft, fluffy, never before used pillow. And an entire cabinet full of food that has been accumulating for donation (they didn't accept donations for a bit due to an issue at their location, which I wrote about, but they are taking donations now, I think).

And, the extra resistance bands can go, too. I only needed the 40 pound one. The large cooking pot that I borrowed to make The Worlds Best Vegetarian Chili™ is going back to the 'rents Saturday, too.

I like downsizing a bit :D

More later

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