filthy, dirty, rotten, hipster clothes

I found some cool shit online tonight. A site called Ragstock that is basically bargain basement cheap “hipster” apparel. I added a couple things to my cart. I am not homeless (but maybe a hipster?) but I would like people to try to guess when they saw me on the street whether I was Homeless vs Hipster. I really don't care much about how I look, and even less so since I turned 30 (36 now), so I just sort of sport stuff that I feel comfortable in.

Anyway, the two items I added are...I would usually say “dapper” for something I was buying but these are anything but – ugly. Cheesy. Corny. Lame. But very cool in my eyes.

Anyway, the coffee has just been brewed, the night is young, and I will be up later

more later

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