financial housekeeping

There are some financial things I have to do, things that must be done that are less so budget related (the budget is rock solid, good to go), but more purchase related, in terms of my day-to-day life, and how my life can be made slightly better, more efficient.

1) a purchase of a set of small mason jars. Because if I am going to cellar tobacco, they are a must, because the tins or/and cans the leaf comes in can be quite finicky, not reliable for long term freshness. Mason jars are better.

2) upgrading to ProtonMail Premium. Technically I do not “need” this upgrade, but I have been using PM for about three years now, full time, as my only e-mail account, and would like to support them in some way, as well as unlock some features, perhaps. I also want their feature, as that seems to be pretty cool (in my opinion). Though, I may opt for a full-on custom e-mail address (POP, or whatever the hell) to be something to the effect of (you can guess what the acct name would be ;))

...and that is about all for now. Will update if I can think of other purchases that can make my life authentically easier :)

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