finding (virtual) home

For now, anyways. I am referring to W.a. I've been here since early-2018, or late-2017, or something like that, and I couldn't imagine blogging anywhere else. I tried many others, but it always comes back to good ol' W.a.

Last night, when I was thinking/writing about how life is short, life can be a joke sometimes (as long as I am laughing along WITH it, and not the butt OF it), and how I cannot take life seriously anymore (it's driving me insane, really!) – I really meant it. I need to look at things in a lighter light. Be more passive, perhaps? Not make every day of the calendar Serious Day™, and just move on sometimes.

But not moving on from W.a. I've had journals, handwritten and digital, online and offline, desktop and mobile, even a typewriter for a while – and W.a seems to be the place to get stuff jotted down. I don't know where I'd go/do without it :)

And I can rest easy knowing that things are “OK” here, no data collection, no marketing bullshit, no advertisements, none of that. A digital business as if the local baker in a city opened up down the street (only virtually ;)), and people communicated, and sorta gave a shit about each other. Not with direct competition with social giants, or tech giants, or anything like that. Just here. For us.

And there are no guarantees in life. No guarantees that people will be read, or make friends, or have a post go viral, or make a change in the world, or even a drop of difference. But if you do or don't, this is a sanctuary.

I'm glad to be here

... now I'm at >>> 👋