There is power is forgiving. Of course that is true on a personal level, but it is also true on a pragmatic level, as well. In this case, I mean student loans (of which, I have none of (anymore)). There has been a long-standing (albeit, quite small and easily dismissible) “debate” on whether the United States government should essentially “foot the bill”, or do a “bailout” of the $1.6T debt students and former students face from higher education. If you side Libertarian, or far-right, then obviously “the government is bad” and they (the government) should do nothing. If you are not of the two political affiliations mentioned above, or even if you have no political affiliation whatsoever, then having the government “forgive” or remove the student debt burden (not transfer it, but remove it and pay the creditors in-full via tax(es)) seems like a positive and prosperous idea.

The very idea that these loans (be it $30K, $50K, or even $100K+) for an undergraduate (or in some cases, graduate) level education can be paid off, or even significantly paid down within the lifetime of an average American is absolutely preposterous. They can't. It's an automatic monthly deduction in the bank accounts of those who were/are convinced that higher education solves problems, that it's a path to a brighter future, that it is what the job market demands, therefore they are better off getting the diploma instead of going without. These are all falsehoods in the CURRENT education system, and all truths in a MODERN, and low-cost education system.

More debt equals more hardships. More debt equals lowering economic opportunity. More debt equals less quality of life. These three things are true, and there is simply no way around it. The way to not go this path is to NOT take on debt. A diploma will simply not alter the facts of reality, no matter what you believe.

So what I am saying is this: the United States government should forgive the student loan debt of Americans who were educated in the public (and private) colleges in the United States. It truly doesn't matter HOW America and the University (and community college) system got to the point that it got to here, just that it changes. Also, that FUTURE costs of University and community college should be dramatically lowered going forward.

It's an ideal that some people are advocating for, that congresspeople have been elected to office on the promise of, and MANY are counting on. It's a sound idea.

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