Franklin Story Musgraves – fascinating

There is a part of the song “Hin” (two parts, actually) by the one-man ambient black metal band Trist, that has a man speaking about “darkness” and space, and the cosmos. I looked it up and the person speaking is Franklin Story Musgraves from a small (weird) documentary titled “I am A Space Person”, which speaks (to an extent) about surrendering yourself to the cosmos, and not bringing your “Earth culture” into “space culture”, etc.

The guy seems like he is out of this world (has six college degrees, ex-Marine, is an aeronautical M.D., flew five or six different times with NASA, etc.) and he is a very eloquent speaker. Amongst his education, he has an MA in Literature, and according to his Wikipedia is a “literary critic”. I have read about literary criticism before, don't know a whole hell of a lot about it, if I am being honest. Deals with the “theories of literature” and whatnot. Not exactly my bag. Haha.

But out of all this (besides his super chill voice in the Trist song), it makes me think: I should read about literature. Like, not just “read_literature” but read about the subject of literature. There has to be some good (and short) books from SLCL that I could pick up, but with lockdown still in effect, it will be a while before I can visit there again.

Nevertheless, noted.

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