friendly exchanges in the [.]pub we call Midnight

Does anyone use Gemini? I know basically nothing about it, but I USE it, apparently, because I am a patron of It's a thing started by m15o (who is on W.a, too) and it uses the Gemini protocol.

Nice people there. It's empty some days, but as the day goes on, people always turn up and leave a message (blog post) here and there. It's less of a “blog + comments section” ordeal, and more of an “blog entry + socialize a bit” ordeal.

Kind of self-governed, because the patrons and community there is so small in numbers. I check in often, comment often, read nearly every post that gets written.

I'd call it an “oasis” on the Web, but everyone has that notion about this service or that, and sometimes it turns out to be true, other times it either “dries up” or gets flooded with negativity (to keep with the water terminology).

I'm glad it's there. (another m15o production) is good, too. But that is more formal blog posts, and no comments are available.

Stay well, all

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