full day, no blog

Been running around today. Went to CostCo, stocked up on this and that (quinoa, Cascade, coffee, etc), saw some more photos of “Baby N”, did laundry at the 'rents, etc.

Now, home and having some aforementioned Taster's Choice Coffee, blogging (via phone) and sorta missing my WiFi at the moment. Then again, I am reminded of the (hard) good old days, when I was using a phone and a phone only for ALL of my communicae, Web browsing, blogging, anything and everything. I think I was mobile-only for 2.5 years. From 2015-2017, I only used either an iPad or a smartphone for everything. In that time I had a OnePlus 1, Nexus 5, Nexus 5X, BlackBerry Classic, Moto X (2014),and a slew of other cheapo Wal Mart Android phones. Including a Kyocera Hydro View 2, which last me for a year. That is why I want to make this Moto G7 Power last me at least two years – because if I can squeeze a year from a $35 phone, I should be able to get two years out of a $250 phone, haha.

So, anyway, I like being mobile-only to a certain extent, but I always miss when I do not have a desktop enviro of some type WHEN I want that.

Also, hello to Micro Matt our humble blog platform founder and all around friendly dude :) I like the idea of a micro.blog type of style bloggo on W.a, even though I am far too long-winded to maintain such a format ;)

This coffee is nice, waking me up (for the first time today – because I had no coffee this AM). Maybe that's how I entice myself to write so much? Coffee. I could channel this pseudo power and work at Starbucks as a barista, but then I would just sit in the corner hammering out text all day long while the customers piled up at the counter.

OK, be back in a bit

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