getting used to it

I left social media in September 2019 (Twitter and Instagram were the last to go), and it has been two years since I've been gone, and I will stay gone – forever. But one thing that continues to “be present” in my life, one thing that I am still doing to this day, is decompressing. Being less mad, more happy. Less lazy, more motivated. Less drained, more inspired. And overall, just “getting used to it” (“it” being the world, the WWW, and life, without 24/7 (digitized) social interaction). I am already “used to” the feeling of NOT being compulsive about checking notifications, or my phone, or trying to drum up some BS hot take/quip/opinion, or whatever the hell on this topic or that topic to be broadcast across the Internet. I I do whatever, get into whatever I get into, and I do so with 100% confidence and commitment. I am basically an entirely different person than I was towards the end of 2019 – and that statement is both damning to the state of social media (not just as we know it today, but as it has always been, and always will be) – but that statement is also revolutionary (for myself) in the sense that, I can feel better, I can change (do a 180, in this case), and I can just carry on – with no FOMO, no trepidation, and actually have an (almost) arrogant attitude about the whole thing. I mean, when I see just how fxxing messed up I was on the whole thing (social media addiction – which is precisely what it was), and see who I've become – why would I ever look back? Why would I ever even acknowledge that that stupid sxxx exists at all? The only reasons(s) for acknowledging that socials are (still) “a thing” in 2021 (why? IDK), is because 99% of people in the developed world are neck-deep in that sxxx like it is the only thing left to do on Earth. It's a cesspit. An absolutely abhorrent waste of life.

So, I'm still navigating the aftermath (two years in), and still finding what the hell it (life) is all about, and the best way(s) to spend it – but it's for the greater good. For my own sanity. For my own health and happiness. And I implore anyone and everyone (if you're in that 99 percentile) to do the same.

Live life, choose love, stay good and stay safe! :)