good advice

“Remember, you don't need to have a perfect record. You only need to show up more times than you don't.” – Raam Dev

From this blog post – Rewrite Your Failure Story by Raam Dev

I always respected Raam Dev. I am pretty sure that is not his real name, but he is an “original” as I see it. One of the first “digital nomads”, “extreme minimalists”, life in a backpack, traveler, writer, thinker, doer. He started his journey in 2010, and it was way back yonder when I found his video “packing my backpack” before there were hardly any other minimalism videos on YT. But it was not the fact that he was traveling and living as a minimalist out of backpack that got me to listen to him – it was his incredibly thoughtful, smart, and wise advice that made me think about how great the WWW can be. Anyone can do/say as they wish on the Internet, and when they use that voice/platform to just say good things, offer helpful advice – it makes the world a better place.

The quote above is about #blogging and how when you just “show up more times than you don't”, you can make a difference. Perhaps help someone out. Get things off your chest while simultaneously putting others in a better position to help themselves.

All good things

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