Grouch to 5K (and counting!)

I just passed 5,300 (too large a number) blog posts between TMO and Anonymous posts. 717 anonymous posts, and some other very high number for TMO. It's (kind of) a marker for me, because I remember sitting in the lobby of The Saum apartment building in midtown St Louis in late-2014 when I reached Tumblr's “5,000 Posts Club” (an actual, for real e-mail they (Tumblr) would send out that is in sort of “certificate” form, marking the occasion). They do that for every 1,000 posts made (or they used to). An arbitrary goal of mine was to reach the 10,000 Posts Club, and when I got there in late-2016, I realized it was called the 10,000 Posts League(!). How fancy! lol. I also had another arbitrary goal in mind for Twitter, to reach 100K Tweets by...however long it took me to get there. I hit 82K, I think, by the time I deleted that account in 2018. Then I started a new account (my last and final account) that I closed in late-2019.

These things do not matter

But, in all likelihood I will reach 10K posts on W.a, someday. Again, doesn't matter.

But anyway, fun stuff! :)

... Issue. 5 of The Zine Around The Corner ready for download now