Ground Control to Major TMO've really made the grade

Space Oddity by Bowie (1969) is a melodic treat :)

And the coffee fills my blood and brain with words and wonder (well, words – wonder is dead like my sanity, et al)

Been having a healthy perception of myself, myself online, and other things lately. Namely the e/de/revolution of the Web. It's just as it is, just better. I can't quantify it (of course) but the horizons seem glimmy-er and calmer than years past.

New Horizons, almost – only in the people/communities online, and not so much the Zuck game

I wanted it (the Web) to be this way for some time – at least 2019 when blinders came off. Just a saner, nicer place. Some are still sludging it out through big platforms, but I assume they already have their skin thickened like lacerated leather if they suffered through Cancel Culture, then the Jan 6 thing, then COVID-19. Deucing out from those services seemed to be “in the Nick of time”, and it'd be like that of hanging on by the edge of a long, frayed rope while a sanity chopper lifted me to brighter skies – wreckage and carnage of insurmountable Hell lay bubbling and hissing below.

Ok, onto the night

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