Hey and Howdy, Mike

#ResponseToMikesThoughts (Mike's Thoughts)

Fingers crossed and promise I can/will start posting a dedicated e-mail to reach me at when I pay for a Premium ProtonMail account and have a custom URL to send to. For whatever reason, I do not like to give out the “raw” “@protonmail” address to people on the Internet, because I have seen that act of good will abused into oblivion before :(

I think Inquiry feels the same way on that one.

Anyway, I made it a point to stop into your micro.blog every day or every other day when you were on there – great pictures, and no lack of beer and burgers (and fries) on there :) Love hearing about the travels on “the edge”, as I have always had an interest in digital nomad'ing a great deal.

Blogroll is updated. Welcome back to W.a/R.w.a

And do your thing, regardless of blog platform, or hosts, or whatever – it's why I use RSS, I can keep up with everyone regardless ;)

Hope you're well

... now I'm at >>> olry.co 👋