Hey, let's have coffee!

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I am thinking about (in a non-nostalgic, non-reminiscent way) about who I was when I was young (18/19) vs who I am Now (yet, still the same person). About how priorities and ambition(s) have completely changed over time. I am just thinking how it is fairly hard to identify with my 19-year-old self. 18-year-old me is easy to identify with: show up, do my job, and then go party. Job Corps was a walk through the park. But at 19, when I was (being brainwashed) in the U.S. Army, I was someone totally different. Weird how military training turns you into something that you (I) truly am not.

But there have been much better times since then. I feel good. Life is good. I don't struggle much. Etc. But if I could do things different (awful words to say/write), I don't think enlisting in the military would have been a priority for myself at all post-Job Corps when I was that age (or any age). I would have just...done what I needed to do in life, and not worried about serving in the Army.

Anyway, now water is boiling for coffee. Gonna sit here and relax with a bit of music. More later.

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