That was nice :)

It was the first time I did the entirety of the Mississippi Greenway “primitive” trail in one go. Usually it is either the right-hand outer loop, or the left-hand “bog trail” (as I call it), but never the entire thing at once. I think it is 2.1 miles in total. The humidity was near 100% but not terrible because the air is cool. The deer – chillin'. They weren't too concerned with me and I saw five of them. The squirrels – not scared at all, and they were everywhere! The people – few and far between. Only saw two people on the primitive trail, and maybe six people on the paved Mississippi Greenway trail.

A good hike, a good experience, and I did my best to mentally map out where everything was, I have a pretty good mental picture now.

No hot spots on my feet, either. The LL Bean wool socks certainly held up :) The Lems “Trailhead” shoes do a great job, too.

Now, time to REST! I took only one sitting break when I was in between sections of trail, and my left outer thigh is paying for it, because I have some sort of mild nerve damage from years ago.

I feel good!

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