holy cow! Worst instructions I've ever encountered!

Ok, figured out the Cloudron thing.

Check this out,

I see the setup page, and this is what it presents me with:

NOTE: it says run these commands, plural. Yet, all of this is in one window, and the “Copy Text” clipboard is to the uper right. So of course I just DO that, but that's not how it's done (this is where you are supposed to read their mind). It's each command, individually.

So after I learn the language of Cloudronese, I do this, and then to finalize setup, I'm prompted with “run this command in a separate Terminal window”.

...ok. I've never had to do that before. So I open a new window, not thinking that (of course) I have to SSH in to the VPS again with that window, but I run the command before realizing this, so...

What happened? IDK.

I decided to exit out of both windows, and go back to square one with Cloudron.

I follow these steps. And when it comes time for generate the access token, I get this:

...it wants me to do a FRESH INSTALL of Ubuntu to get things going! LMAO! Instead of having a way to remove software via CLI, it's like, “nah, you have to wipe your whole OS and start afresh”.

Who the fxxx runs Cloudron?

Was Cloudron built ON Cloudron? Is it push-button software development?

What a joke!

Back to doing FreshRSS the manual way. Haha

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