home sweet home (pt. ???)

Did laundry at the 'rents. Also dropped off things to be shredded at the UPS store before that (the parents stuff, not mine. I don't have much to shred). Also, picked up a pack of Pall Malls as I am out of Gambler tobacco :( But I am ordering more D&R Windsail leaf tonight as well as a very bold tin of Captain Earle's Nightwatch. Heavy stuff. Fun!

Feels good to wear clean clothes again after a few days of letting my threads rot on my body. I could've done laundry here, but didn't because laziness, I suppose.

10 ½ hours til I get paid. Then I buy outrageous hipster clothes because I am an eccentric idiot. LOL! Other things will be bought, too.

Cats and dogs outside right now. Humid as can be, too. #STLWX is gonna be rough for at least a week according to 1Weather. Paying for a Premium acct with them, too, because fuck ads. I'd do the same for StandardNotes, not that they show ads, but to unlock more features, but, it is $50 per year(!). Heavily discounted if I do five(5) years at a time, like I did with W.a, so I will probably go that route. SN is so good, lemme tell ya. Not making that purchase in July, however.

Anyway, be back in a bit!

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