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Made it back to S St Louis County, and it is still windy, cool, sunny, very nice. Made a quick 4-Hands Brewery Pizza (7 cheese), but when I was at the store, I was so preoccupied with buying coffee, that I forgot to buy soda :/ So, I need to go to BP and pick up a couple sodies, I think. Will be a good day for a quick jaunt up there. Need to “stockpile” some smokes, too, I think – because I didn't place a TobaccoPipes.com order, yet. I think I will do so soon.

I have been thinking more and more of going OFF of cigarettes when I make this (large) purchase from TP, as I am going to more or less start “cellaring” tobacco, and getting a few mason jars for that purpose, and basically just always having some on hand at all times. I would have to do that in order to go off cigarettes, too, I think. To always be able to “change it up” in terms of my options for a smoke. I think most pipe smokers (who are current or former cigarette smokers) end up weening themselves away from cigarettes and becoming pipe-exclusive in time. Because pipe smoking is just a much more enjoyable hobby/habit, imo. So, need to work on that.

OK, off to BP. Be back in a bit!

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