Hotel Home

Sometimes I think to myself; “If I live at an apartment, and everything is lease-dependent, and I do not own the residence – what the hell is the difference between this place and a long term hotel???”

And it is this mindset that brings me a sense of ease, lightness, and non-permanence that I crave in my life. After being very much so tethered to my (crappy) apartment in Pevely, MO. with a dog with atrocious separation anxiety, leaving me friendless and immobile – I swore to the stars that I would never be in any type of over-burdened, stressed out, permanent nor quasi-permanent disposition of responsibility ever again. After ridding myself of the dog, the year spent zipping about downtown St Louis on the daily was a welcome respite from the lack of activity/eventless-ness of the three years prior.

This is why I will always rent. But to get more specific in terms of renting: what is “needed” in a “Hotel Home”? I am getting ready to move again, albeit just down the street to a TOP floor apartment (same complex) that has (or will be) refurbished/remodeled, and I think; “what stays? What goes?” Some necessary things stay, that I will basically always need:

And that's it! That's the entirety of my apartment!

Other things that aren't “apartment stuff” and that are mobile, that I can/will take with me places are like:

I suppose I can count the computer as mobile, as I'll do the laptop thing sometime – and the computer chair as “apartment stuff”, but the desk is literally built IN to this apartment (and the future unit I will be renting, as well) so, that's different.

Crazy simple stupid basic, and I love it this way! :)

When I move, everything can fit onto the back of a small pickup truck. The MAJORITY of it can fit into a medium-sized backpack on my person. There is no effort ;)

So, I basically live in (a) “Hotel Home” – and I am keeping it this way.

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