house to thyself

For the next several days I will be dogsitting / housesitting, and that is OK with me. The sister and brother-in-law, and niece just left, and I had a bowl of Virginia tobacco on the back deck with instant coffee, and am now downstairs, writing.

I will find some more retro-themed (video games/computers) videos to watch on YouTube in a bit here, probably some longer ones from LGR or something like that.

I think this house is outfitted with Google Home devices, too, so I can just listen to music in any/every room, if I wanted to (which I might just do in a bit, considering I do not have a Tidal subscription at the moment).

Also, I will be sleeping on the downstairs pull-out couch for this excursion, as the spare bedroom has been made into a WFH office (sister's). I will probably watch television YouTube late into the night with the lights off – very nice.

Back later