I blog to differ, Inquiry

In response to this post, utilizing this quote within:

...I'd say that Twitter already IS being rebuilt, via Mastodon. So should a Twitter os repo ever come about, few would likely indulge. Mastodon has a better grip on it (a microblogging service) that is open source.

In regards to it (Twitter) being rebuilt as a company, I'd say there are only so many starry eyed optimists to put money into a co that

A) has fallen off a cliff in recent years

B) was never that successful to begin with (compared to Google, FB, etc.) in regards to profit

C) the likelihood of “the masses” wanting to go to/go back to it, is/are (the is/are conundrum, again) increasingly unlikely

So yea, someone could flood money into the service, but the onboarding of users would be difficult, and then “monetizing” their use (as that's the Modus Operandi for social media) would prove difficult and run short of high expectations. Just, invest in a different co – make more money!

Also, Mastodon has a “no ad” ethos, works the same way (in fact better, to be honest), so...

But in regards to Masto being a service of concentrated toxicity, that is a threat, too. People who hoard in tens or hundreds of thousands of users per instance have the same hive mind potential as Twitter did. Smaller instances, more “intimate” exchanges there are likely safer.

And yea, anything can be built, rebuilt, and exploited, but I think them days are over for the underworld we once called Twitter

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