I should make a checklist

...for all the things I have to do by Wednesday. But I am not going to make a checklist. I am pretty good at just keeping a mental To-Do list for myself, and that way I am not beholden to a document telling me to HURRY UP and do XYZ thing. I mean I have a list of (very) important stuff I have to do ON Wednesday in regards to bills, bill address changes, new State ID, etc etc – but, for all the stuff that doesn't incur a consequence of they do not get done, a mental To-Do list will suffice.

One thing I have learned recently, is that moving is not ever easy. Maybe if it were from AirBnb to AirBnb with just a backpack of possessions, then it may be different – but when I need mail forwarded to this new address + an ID reflecting that new address + bills in my name activated at that address + 12 month lease signings, etc etc, things get more complicated. But at least this is a move just down the block, and not in another hemisphere or something.

Anyway, back to it

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